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About me


I am Hannah Bacon! I am a 23 year old Australian currently living in France. As you can see, I have a huge passion for food and cooking! In particular, I love to cook healthy plant based meals. 

I have just completed my Bachelor of Health and Rehabilitation Science, which feels amazing! I originally chose this degree as I intended to complete a Masters of Physiotherapy after. However, throughout the course of my degree and in my day-to-day life I realised my passion for food isn't something that I can ignore. I love learning about how food can make you feel and what certain types of food can do to your body. Soooo I realised that a Masters in Nutrition would be more suited for me! I Intend to start this some time next year :) 


My Plant-Based Food Journey 


Four years ago, after watching a number of silly Netflix documentaries, I decided to try to cut meat from my diet. And... I ended up loving it! I originally started off as a pescatarian and this evolved into completely vegan for around two years and now I am plant-based. Meaning, I don't eat meat and fish but I have started to add some dairy into my diet, such as yoghurt and cheese! 

When changing to a plant-based diet, the first thing I noticed was the large amount of energy that I had! It's hard to explain how I felt other than just "really good". My body's sleeping and bathroom routines were more regulated and I felt like I could train harder and longer. I also lost a little bit of weight and I find it very easy to keep weight off even though I eat a lot more than your average female. 

Once you get past the initial1-2 weeks (of your body being extremely bloated and gassy) it is definitely worth a try!

A lot of people say that they would love to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet or even try to become vegetarian/vegan. However, they don't do it because they think it is too hard to come up with and cook plant-based meals... Soooo I am hoping my website will help everyone gain the confidence to try cooking plant-based meals and provide some delicious ideas! 

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